image of bright pink and dark purple abstract painting

detail from ‘slow burn’ (2016)

When you feel the years getting to you, the regrets, the what-if’s.  When you feel the pull toward something different, yet you’re stuck in your present.

When you feel the tension between what you wanted to be and what you are and imagine what you still could be.    Slow burn.  Around the edges.

Still the passion burning, still the dream alive.  Those hopes and dreams may feel smothered, covered, drowned, soaked through with the minutiae of everyday living, of the office, of the alarm clock, of the carpool, of the grocery list.  But they are there.  And they can emerge.  You just have to let them.  You only need to pick up the pen, the brush, the microphone, the camera, whatever fits in your hand.

Listen to your muse.


Welcome to a world of creativity and delight. My vision is for a world where women express themselves authentically, without limitations or interruptions. I believe I am here to provide spaces where women can create the art that makes this so.

I invite you to join me on a journey to meet your muse, to discover the creative voice of the wise woman within you. I look forward to creating with you during one of my workshops or as a one-on-one client, consulting with you on one of your unique projects.  Let’s discover your inner wisdom through intentional creativity.