Deal yourself a better hand

I combined my first red thread circle with my affirmation card workshop.  I’m planning to call future affirmation card workshops “Deal Yourself a Better Hand.”

Here is a slideshow of my personal deck.  Many of my cards deal with themes of making choices, finding time, and believing in myself.

A year or two ago, I heard about red thread circles, the idea of a ceremony with everyone having their piece of the red thread, and that being all they need to worry about or take care of.  Not the whole ball of red thread, not anyone else’s red thread.  This was stuck in my head when I learned about Shiloh and IC and all of this beautiful world.  For my first red thread circle, I combined this notion, with some of the background explanations and histories learned from our CoW materials, particularly the lovely idea that those who are supposed to meet are connected with red thread, connected on a red thread.

After sharing these ideas, I invited the participants to wrap the red thread around their wrist while thinking or stating things that they wanted to let go of, to stop worrying about.  After we talked about those ideas a bit, I then passed the scissors around, inviting them to imagine letting those things go as we cut the threads.

This theme connected very well with the exercise of the cards, identifying limiting thoughts and ways to transform those into more positive actions.

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