It’s not too late for a good binge.

The 7 Day Art Binge launched between November 26 and December 2, but it will be ongoing, at least through December 31, 2017. You can still join in the fun!

I’ve set up a closed Facebook group for us so that we can share images, ask questions, etc.  I have also collected all the prompts and links to videos for the seven days, so if you are joining after December 3, you can find them there under the Files tab.  To join the group, just click on:  If you don’t do Facebook, please email me and I’ll gladly send you the file.


7 Day Art Binge Begins Today

The Binge is underway!

Day 1’s video includes me talking about my philosophy of art journaling, the muse and critic, and conquering Blank Page Syndrome.

In the lesson, we will create a portal page in our journals and do some freehand drawing, coloring and decorative work to break up the chains between our right and left brains.

If you haven’t signed up for the videos yet, sign up here.  It’s never too late to get started.

Have fun!

Ghost of a Chance

ghost of a chanceBest laid plans and all that jazz.

Just like this painting, which was intended to be a background layer.  Putting down warm tones to serve as the underpainting for a cool oceanscape.  But the urge to paint dark shapes, reminiscent of birds in flight, to paint dark silhouettes of movement against the bright tones, those urges simply overcame me.

And then it became something else entirely.   Sometimes the best things happen this way, via serendipity.  When you plan things out, sometimes nothing goes to plan.  Sometimes the only way to have a ghost of chance is to just let go and follow your intuition.  Sometimes the best thing is waiting for you where you least expect to find it.

Second Alchemist

I went to the mountain, to Sue Sellars’ land, with specific questions in mind, seeking specific answers.

I did not get them.

But I received many new questions and insights, some of which were answered as soon as I asked, some of which are still unfurling, and some of which were shown to be unanswerable.

And I’m okay with all that.  More than okay.

This alchemist reminds us of the circularity of time, the reiteration of life, as we pass we through the milky way. She has stars in her eyes and in her soul.  Her heart is coded for giving and receiving love.alchemist amina final cropped